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Integrating Realtime Data Streams with Spark and Kafka for Video and Data-Stream Analysis


Join Talend as they bring you a deep discussion on the real-world data technologies that underlies modern sport. Working from actual data collected in the English Premier league, and using tools that you can use yourself, we will walk through the process of building an analytics package using Spark and Kafka to collect real-time instrumentation data and produce meaningful results in minutes. The code, tools, and content for this session are readily available online and you can apply them to your own data science projects to accelerate your own real-time application. If you are using Kafka, Spark, or any real-time data technologies, or even if you are just trying to get a better understanding of them, this event is for you.


Over 10 years in the data space working in different industries and various roles; from analyst, to BI, database administration, consulting and architecting high volume, distributed systems.