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Machine Learning & Suspicious Activity


There is little doubt that the financial services industry is changing, from the increase of automation to the rise of the fintech disruption. No greater catalyst to this change has been the commoditization of algorithmic science, specifically AI and Machine Learning. As banks rush to deploy these technologies it can at times be a daunting experience, where to deploy them, how to deploy them and who do I need to deploy them. For those of us in the financial crime environment, we are in a ripe position to capitalize on the effectiveness of these techniques due to the adversarial nature of human behavior. In this presentation you will gain an understanding of the types of talent, technology and methodologies you will need to be effective and the outcomes, specifically around authentication, machine learning can provide.


As a 13 year USAA employee, Gregg Sansone has held numerous positions within USAA, primarily in the Enterprise Security Group to include managing the Cyber Threat Operations Center. Currently, he serves as the Director of Data Science Design. In his current role, he is responsible for the holistic transformation of financial crime & cyber operations through innovative deployment of strategies, models, rules, policies & infrastructure facilitated by creative hiring, vision setting & strategy development.