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Cognitive Computing: Combining Linguistic Analysis with Semantics to Automatically Deliver Contextually Correct Metadata at the Enterprise Level


More than just software, cognitive computing is computer simulation of human thoughtthat delivers on the artificial intelligence promise. When successful, it delivers a computer model that which enables computers to look at content in much the same way people do. Therefore, enabling organizations to automatically analyze and organize unstructured data in real time, discover insight, navigate content and empower decision-making processes. Delivering on this promise of artificial intelligence is not simple and it requires human input. It requires combining a set of technologies that utilize key word context, pattern matching, NLP, linguistic analysis and ontological reasoning to understand information similar to the human brain. During this session, several technologies will be explained and demonstrated including:

What is a semantic network?
Semantic network (language ontology) visualized and demonstration
Content disambiguation demonstration
Automated content enrichment with contextually correct metadata
Dynamic fact mining on unstructured content
Automated named entity extraction and taxonomy driven categorization


Bryan joined the software and technology industry as a Regional Vice President with a Silicon Valley learning management system start-up in 1998, following eleven years of corporate marketing in the entertainment industry. Since joining the software industry, he has been directly involved in launching and growing, from start-up to acquisition or IPO, four software companies in the US market. He is currently responsible for evangelizing and deploying Expert System’s text analytics cognitive technology solution. A proven solution that combines artificial intelligence based on semantics with deep learning. A system that can understand text in a way that mimics the human ability to comprehend information.