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Leveraging BOTS to promote personalized and self-paced learning


Formal classroom education as we know it today is going through some dramatic changes. Khan Academy, Coursera, EdX and youtube videos are becoming mainstream learning platforms. Although the teacher student interaction in a physical setting cannot be easily substituted, content is more readily accessible online to people all over the globe. It is important to note that each of us has different learning styles and preferences. Although a self-paced course gives one the flexibility to pursue the material at one’s own time and pace, sustaining one’s motivation and committing to a disciplined schedule can be challenging. Ability to engage the student to help them spend more time on learning/practicing is the key to success. This is where bots can be effective as virtual teachers/coaches and personal assistants to not only deliver content in their preferred learning style but also reinforce it by presenting opportunities to exercise application of the knowledge. A lot can be gleaned from user preference and behavior and this feedback data can be translated into actionable techniques in future interactions with the user for a more effective user experience. In today’s talk I’ll illustrate how we can create a voice/text bot using AWS LEX which leverages applied AI & deep learning in the context of NLP to understand conversation intent and keep the student challenged and engaged.