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Finding Value in Massive, Growing Health and Wellbeing Data


Workplace wellbeing and the healthcare industry have evolved at a dramatic pace with changing regulation, more players, increasing costs, innovations in tech such as wearable devices, to name a few, and have seen a resulting explosion of data. With a mission of making lives and companies better, Virgin Pulse has challenged itself: How do we leverage datasets from growing variety of sources to provide innovative solutions for internal and external stakeholders, at both the consumer and business levels? This session illustrates the data science approach Virgin Pulse has undertaken to bolster an innovating data-driven software service in the wellbeing industry.


Andrew is Virgin Pulse’s Analytics leader, responsible for the team that finds the drivers of successful individual and organizational outcomes and helps companies to optimize wellbeing as an employee engagement and business success strategy.  He joined Virgin Pulse at the start of 2016, bringing over 20 years of experience in Analytics, Human Capital, and Strategic Workforce Planning: turning data into insights and getting predictive with those insights - particularly about people and productivity. Andrew has led Workforce reporting and analytics centers of expertise at Verizon, Bank of America, Hunt Consolidated, and Amgen.