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Keynote Panel: State of AI in the Enterprise


Keynote Panel: State of AI in the Enterprise


Vikas S. Shah is a Chief Architect at Knights of Columbus. Over past 24 years, he has led multiple products and solutions at numerous technology and consulting companies including Ernst & Young US LLP, Wipro Technologies, Symphony Services, Samsung India Software Operation Pvt. Ltd., and Fujitsu Network Communication. He received his M.S. degree in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Bachelor of Engineering in computer engineering from University of Mumbai. He has 23+ international publications and patents in Blockchain, Smart City, Incremental Risk Management, Data Engineering, IoT, Cloud computing, Mobile Edge Computing, and Integration Architecture. He ran multiple strategic initiative of emerging technologies and digital transformation at diversified scales including global organizations, startups, and consulting. He is also extensively supporting pre-sales and marketing. Vikas is the recognized senior committee member, technologist, and speaker at numerous global conferences and events. LinkedIn Profile: