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Using OKRs to Manage AI and Data Science Teams


AI and data science teams suffer from all the same issue as a normal tech team: late delivery or models, changing requirements, sandbagging of goals and great models that are never used. OKRs is a goal setting process developed at Intel and perfected at Google that solves these problems. In this workshop you will learn how to apply them to your AI and data science teams to produce better models, faster and with more dedicated and enthusiastic team members.
Who is this presentation for?
Managers and individual contributors on AI and data science teams.
Prerequisite knowledge:
Goal setting for technology and science teams.
What you'll learn?
- What OKRs are - Why top companies like Google use them - How to use OKRs for AI and data science teams - List of top goals and metrics to use - How to implement OKRs at your company for this quarter


Stephen J. Smith is the research director for data science at G7 Research. His unique perspective comes from his real-world experience in building the predictive analytics products Darwin, Discovery Server and Optas. These products were among the first to deliver machine learning on an MPP computer architecture, implement algorithms directly in SQL, and embed model results in an OLAP tool. He has written the best-selling business technology books: “Data Warehousing, Data Mining and OLAP” and “Building Data Mining Application for CRM” with McGraw-Hill. He received his undergraduate degree in engineering from MIT and his graduate degree from Harvard in machine learning and predictive analytics. His current research is on the limits of automation in data science.