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Improving customer experience through journey modeling


Proactively customer experience management is increasingly the norm across industries. The rich granular interaction or transaction level data collected for each customer enables companies to understand their customer journeys in depth. Modeling these customer journeys to automatically classify which customer is on a happy vs. unhappy experience path can enable companies to proactively address friction points and thereby improve the overall engagement and as a result loyalty. We show how some of the state of the art deep learning based approaches can applied for this modeling and demonstrate the business impact when implemented in real world settings across industries
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Business users (marketers), analytics professionals, data scientists
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Srinivas leads the AI Center of Excellence at ZS Associates. He focuses on helping clients through their AI journeys to realize business value by tailoring, designing and implementing AI solutions for them   Srinivas’s core expertise areas include automated machine learning, natural language processing, customer omni-channel next best action orchestration, recommender systems and longitudinal patient predictive analytics