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The Future of Data Platforms: making use-case driven, efficient, & scalable data platforms with Flyte & Kubernetes 


With the emergence of data as a primary business asset in the digital age, strong data platforms are critical to the success of companies both within and outside the traditional tech sector. Our existing data platform tooling, however, falls short of modern needs. We need tooling that can not only scale efficiently to the incredibly large amounts of data businesses depend on, but tooling that is user friendly and enables faster innovation.
The production-grade container orchestration that Kubernetes provides has enabled Flyte (an open source data effort started at Lyft) to become the foundation needed to innovate in the data platform space, working towards a truly scalable, user-friendly, and efficient data platform out-of-the-box. 
In this talk, Ketan (founder of Flyte) will discuss the future of data platforms, grounded in his experience building Flyte. The session will provide an overview of the primary use cases (e.g. ETL and ML), users (Data Scientists, ML/Backend Engineers, and Data Engineers), requirements (Scalability, Efficiency, etc), as well as industry trends seen in the space. Additionally, he will provide real-life examples of these needs and trends from Flyte’s usage at Lyft.
By the end of this talk, you should feel well-versed in the critical use cases and users that modern data platforms need to serve, as well as where the space is heading to enable them.


Ketan Umare is a senior staff software engineer at Lyft and founder of the Flyte project. Before Flyte he worked on ETA, routing and mapping infrastructure at Lyft. He is also the founder of Flink Kubernetes operator and contributor to Spark on K8s. Prior to Lyft he was a founding member of Oracle Baremetal Cloud and lead teams building Elastic Block Storage. Prior to that, he started and lead multiple teams in Maps and Transportation optimization infrastructure at Amazon. He received his Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech specializing in High-performance computing and his Bachelors in Engineering in Computer Science from VJTI Mumbai.