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AI in Retail


"How to successfully scale robotics through a centralized AI platform" Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are rapidly entering public spaces such as retail and grocery stores, malls, airports, hospitals, universities, and other commercial facilities. With this rapid increase of automation comes a need for centralized data collection and management of disparate robotic fleets from different manufacturers and across a variety of product applications (e.g. autonomous floor cleaning, autonomous material delivery, shelf analytics). Uniting all the different robotic solutions under one cloud-based software platform solves many of the challenges retailers are facing in regards to deployment, data analysis, maintenance, and scaling their robotic fleet. Having one central platform allows for better and easier fleet supervision and management, and the ability to collect previously inaccessible data insights. This talk will discuss the benefits, challenges, and potential of building and implementing a cloud-based AI platform to manage robotic fleets within the retail space.
Who is this presentation for?
Retailers and decision makers looking to bring in new technologies to optimize business operations.
Prerequisite knowledge:
None needed
What you'll learn?
You will learn about the benefits, challenges, and future potential of building and implementing a cloud-based AI platform for robotics in retail, and the lessons learned from building such an ecosystem at scale for AMRs.


Jean-Baptiste Passot is the Vice President of Platform and AI. He started his career at Brain Corporation in 2012 with the development of biologically-inspired control algorithms. Today his role extends to the oversight of the AI and platform division. He is leading the development of BrainOS -- the next generation operating system for mobile robots -- together with the research activities for future autonomous navigation system. Prior to joining Brain, Jean-Baptiste was a PhD student and research assistant at CNRS in Paris, France. He holds a PhD in Computational Science from the University Pierre and Marie Currie, as well as a Master’s in Research from the University Paris X1 in Orsay, France. Jean-Baptiste holds 25 patents including patents in trainable modular robotic methods and predictive robotic methods, as well as predictive robotic controller apparatuses and methods. He is a current member of the Society for Neuroscience.