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AI Human Impact and Ethical Investing


Will humans conform to AI, or will AI conform to us? One way for investors to participate in the decision is by privileging those AI-intensive companies that serve humanitarian purposes. To develop this investment strategy, several dilemmas and paradoxes of today’s AI ethics will be illustrated. Then they will be resolved within a set of categories for evaluation that produce real-world determinations about which companies are worth human-centered investment.


James Brusseau (PhD, Philosophy) is author of books, articles, and media in the history of philosophy and ethics. He has taught in Europe, Mexico, and currently at Pace University near his home in New York City. As Director of AI Ethics Site, a research institute currently incubating at Pace University, he explores the human experience of artificial intelligence in the areas of privacy, autonomy, and authenticity, and as applied to finance, healthcare and media. Current applied ethics project is AI Human Impact: AI-intensive companies rated in human and ethical terms for investment purposes.