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Use of AI to quantify the "safety of autonomous vehicles".


Use of AI to quantify the "safety of autonomous vehicles".


Dr. Schwalb has received his Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence from University of California Irvine. He has more than 20 years of experience in implementing intelligent systems for a wide range of industries, including defense, consumer electronics, financial, and engineering. His data engineering experience includes building sizable financial data warehouses and automated load underwriting systems. He has authored a technical book, published in major journals, edited technical standards, and credited with more than a dozen patents. At MSC software, he was an architect of Apex, a product winning more than a dozen awards in 3 years. Currently he is charged with leading the MSC machine learning effort, including simulation tools for training and validating driving agents. His research focus is mathods to engineer inherently safe drivers, through quantification and validation of safety.