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The Essential Role of the Analytics Translator


Data is everywhere – which makes fluency in understanding, using, and communicating with, and about, data an essential skill. Often, we focus on building impressive visualizations and models only to find our audience confused about what we need them actually to learn or act on, from our data. The most impressive data analysis is useless without the ability to communicate essential takeaways and offer up persuasive recommendations clearly. Learn how taking a storytelling approach to sharing your data can help get your work noticed, and recommendations heard.
Who is this presentation for?
All data professionals who are looking to gain a broader audience for their work and improve their communication with data.
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
In this talk, you'll learn actionable and effective ways to communicate with non-technical audiences about data. By taking a storytelling approach, building and planning your communication around your audience, and considering the essential takeaway from your analysis, you'll be able to spark and sustain conversations with more stakeholders.


Diedre is a Lead Data Storytelling Trainer at StoryIQ, where she helps organizations improve their communication with and about data. She helps professionals embrace their inner data translator to engage more stakeholders with data-based decision making. An accidental math teacher, Diedre learned the power of demystifying numbers in New York City classrooms and the power of influencing decision-makers with data during her time running for the NYC Department of Education. Diedre is an Adjunct Lecturer at Hunter College in New York and has spoken at NCTM, iNACOL, and Learning Forward about adult learning methodology and best practices in professional learning.