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AI-Generated Synthetic Media, aka Deepfakes and its impact


Deepfakes are synthetic media (fake) generated using the Artificial Intelligence technique of deep (deep) learning. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing have made rapid and easy development in the sophistication of audio, video, and image manipulation techniques. The intent is to deceive the viewer or reader into believing that the media's subject is truthful. Sometimes this is harmless, as in entertainment and movies; in other cases, the intent is more insidious: as another tool for cybercriminals to defraud, damage reputation, limit the agency of an individual, and a way for nation-states to influence elections and disrupt democracy.
Deepfake can affect the voters and the candidate. Deepfake of a political candidate can sabotage their image and reputation and alter the course of an election. Using deepfakes and synthetic media may have a profound impact on the polls' outcome. Deepfake can be used to dismiss an unpleasant truth by a political leader as fake news.


Ashish Jaiman is the Director of Technology and Operations in the Customer Security and Trust organization at Microsoft, focusing on the Defending Democracy Program. Jaiman’s mission is to help customers to improve their security posture and defend against cyber-attacks. He is currently working on disinformation defense and deepfakes intervention strategy and its impact on society and democracy.