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Aakriti Srikanth is the Founding Partner of AI Venture Amalgamators whose mission is to bridge the gap between startups, corporates and venture capital.  She also works at Neotribe Ventures where she supports portfolio companies such as Vendia (founded by inventor/GM of AWS Lambda & ex-Amazon Exec) and in the past, she has collaborated with the Managing Director of General Catalyst via sourcing deals. She started working with Machine Learning algorithms while she earned her master's thesis in computer science from the Ohio State University and her bachelors in engineering. She was awarded the O-1 visa and greencard based on extraordinary abilities in AI by United States. She started her career at the Wall Street firm D.E.Shaw & Co. and Deloitte. Given her expertise in AI, she was brought in as a VC Principal at Mitsui Sumitomo Ventures (Fund 1: $40M & Fund 2: $120M) where she took meetings evaluating AI startups such as Node (acquired by SugarCRM in 2020) and did due diligence on startups such as Taiger, Wrisk, Lucideus. She also sourced enterprise AI deals such as Automation Hero, and worked closely with the Japanese business development team supporting 15+ portfolio companies such as Node, Jupiter Intelligence, Socotra, Skycatch, Finleap, Rubrik, and others. To support co-investing in Silicon Valley, she launched a VC Executive Summit Council sponsored by Microsoft for Startups, Google, SVB and Salesforce where she unified her investing network and had Forbes VC Editor, Midas List, Cloud 100 moderate a panel. She has been a source of dealflow for many VC firms such as General Catalyst, NEA, Lightspeed, Data Collective, Norwest Venture Partners and a16z. In addition to being a founder at Cognitive World (which has a Forbes AI contributor writer group), she has contributed articles to Forbes and VentureBeat as an advocate for women in AI. She advises/has advised enterprise tech startups such as Vectice (founded by Sequoia Capital & NEA Entrepreneurs), ($146M funded by Goldman Sachs), Adeptmind (founded by serial entrepreneur who founded Maluuba which was acquired by Microsoft), CyCognito ($53M led by Sorenson, Lightspeed, Accel) and others. Having been founding AI team member at NetApp, IBM Watson/Red Hat (acquired by IBM) where she worked for 6 years, she was awarded by for Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2019 and was one of the 4 finalists for "VentureBeat Women in AI Awards 2020".