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What's Your AI Strategy?


What's Your AI Strategy? This is one of the most common questions CEOs are getting from their boards and investors. It's easy to think of machine learning as magic pixie dust to be sprinkled upon any old outdated business model, but it's not. AI and machine learning provide companies with competitive advantage in highly specific ways and circumstances. In this talk, we will explore Forbes' research in collaboration with Intel on the ways firms are getting ahead using AI and the way proprietary data sets are being acquired and monetized by winning firms.


Will Thompson is Managing Director of Forbes Insights, the research and technology analyst practice of Forbes Media, and the Publisher of Forbes AI, a new magazine dedicated to the business and technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning. An expert in the ways technology is transforming business strategy, Mr. Thompson came to Forbes from the Economist Intelligence Unit where he helped advise Global 2000 corporations and venture-backed start-ups on using research to position themselves as thought leaders. Prior to joining the Economist, he served as CEO of a boutique hedge fund communications consulting firm and launched two niche publications. A classically trained operatic singer, Will has a degree in music and a masters of business administration, both from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.