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A comprehensive approach to protecting your image processing pipelines against manipulation


Insurers and other companies are developing new workflows based on images (photos) taken by people in situations that are not controlled. Their intent is to use AIML to analyze these pictures to automate workflows. However, this exposes these companies to potential fraud if these images are manipulated. Verisk has developed a system that leverages state-of-the-art research to automatically detect these manipulations and warn users
Who is this presentation for?
Data Science and business leaders looking to leverage Computer Vision technologies in their workflows
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
- The importance of protecting your image processing pipeline from malicious actors - The outline of a solution that can protect them from such risks - Overview of current research in image forensics - Case study on integrating AI/ML into a broader solution


Vikas Vats is chief analytics officer at Verisk, supporting the company’s business verticals in their analytic efforts; ensuring that Verisk’s analytic capabilities, methods, and community are world-class and always improving; and driving the commercialization of new products. Mr. Vats also leads Verisk’s Innovative Analytics, Joint Development Environment, and Verisk AI teams, creating new solutions using data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to bring innovative products to market. He has particular interest in cognitive analytics and the advancement of the company’s AI-based analytics solutions.