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- Why are banks using AI in their back office functions? - Is this a logical transition? How is AI being used in payments/ transaction banking? - What impact does AI have on efficiency, earnings and customer experience? - What does the use of AI in banking mean for the customer? - How is the use of AI being regulated? How are banks helping shape this? These questions and more will be answered through this presentation.

Who is this presentation for?
Beginners and Intermediate business users

Prerequisite knowledge:
High level knowledge of product & technology

What you'll learn?
How is AI and Big Data being used in the Finance/Banking space


Swapna is a Product Lead at RBC in Canada, leading their innovation stream to create products and digital solutions using lean methodologies. Her current focus is on solving user identity management, goal based planning, personalization and digital transformation use-cases for RBC. Prior to RBC, Swapna was the Head of Product at a UK-based SaaS Data intelligence company, Klood that provided insights out of complex unstructured datasets to enterprise clients through artificial intelligence. Whilst in Singapore, Swapna was responsible for driving Ecommerce growth for the Asian and European regions for the world’s largest publishing company, Scholastic as their Product Manager. She started her career with Accenture, and is a technology buff. Her current passion is finding innovative use-cases for blockchain and AI in the fintech/banking domain. You can follow her on Medium , on Twitter or on LinkedIn