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Design Thinking: The Key to AI-Driven CX


In today’s marketplace, the most advanced technology yields lackluster results if customers feel that their needs and expectations aren’t being met by the companies they engage with. When designing products and services, this is commonly viewed as a technical problem – but it’s actually a customer experience problem. From my previous work with start-up founders and traditional companies, I’ll speak about the need for artificial intelligence solutions to be paired with design thinking methodologies for a customer-centric approach to business. Data scientists are fully aware of the need to create a strategy to acquire relevant data in the right format and at low cost. Together with a design-led roadmap that aligns internal and customer expectations by breaking down silos, both technical and business stakeholders can create a winning approach that solves real challenges with lasting results. In this talk, I’ll help product builders and data scientists better understand the nuances of customer behavior to identify the right business challenges, to understand what it means to build compelling experiences designed for humans, and how that will influence a viable data strategy to deliver on their goals. I’ll also discuss the role of ethics and purpose when it comes to thinking through this strategy as both valuable technical talent and consumers are demanding that companies align with their values. This isn’t a “nice to have” – it’s central to the company’s mission and therefore has to be expressed in the design of every product interaction with customers.
Who is this presentation for?
Engineers, data scientists, product leaders, and business executives
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic business acumen and a baseline understanding of how emerging technology is influencing customer experience.
What you'll learn?
In a time when engineers, data-scientists and non-technical executives fantasize about removing irrational and unpredictable humans from the equation, you’ll learn that getting ROI means embracing your own humanity and that of your customers.


Nicole Cacal is the Founder and CEO of MastermindAI, a data strategy consultancy that leverages data to aid companies in delivering rich customer experiences. Previously, Ms. Cacal founded Human Centered Consulting (HCC), where she helped start-up founders and corporate executives create new revenue streams, products and business models. Prior to HCC, Ms. Cacal worked in venture capital and product development at a global start-up incubator with a focus on emerging technologies. Ms. Cacal has a BBA from the University of Hawaii, an MSc in Strategic Design and Management from the Parsons School of Design, and an Executive MSc in Technology Management from Columbia University.