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Integrating Data and Machine Learning towards Customer Experience


Data is a big part of machine learning and voice shows up as the biggest category of data out there. Customer Experience can be greatly influenced if we leverage voice for machine learning based applications. Addressing voice based platforms can sometimes challenge the peripheral set up in an organization, demanding the stakeholders to take a fresh look at the way they deal with customer interactions across channels - voice, text etc. A deeper insight is needed way before the customer interacts with your organization and way after it. In this talk, we will look at some real life use cases on how this can happen and how one can improve the customer’s overall experience.
Who is this presentation for?
Software Engineers interested in Machine Learning, application architects, solution architects.
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic principles of software architecture. Some experience with software solution and design.
What you'll learn?
How machine learning can be applied to improve the overall customer experience. Take a deeper look at some voice based solutions.


With around 20 years of professional software engineering experience, Nagen is leading multiple key technological initiatives in Capital One. His teams are using machine learning to pave new paths and bringing artificial intelligence in areas that were never attempted before. He has solid experience with handling disruption in people’s roles that machine learning brings across the organization. Hi is also the recipient of the highest level of award in Capital One.