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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to have a transformational impact on business. Information technology is no longer just about process automation and codifying business logic. Instead, insight is the new currency, and the speed with which we can scale that insight and the knowledge it brings is the basis for value creation and the key to competitive advantage. AI will be one of the top five investment priorities for more than 30% of CIOs globally, by 2020. Many organizations are still early in their data science journey and are trying to understand how AI can transform their businesses.  
This exciting session will address the importance of AI,  applications of AI and use cases in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, energy & utilities, financial services and travel & leisure.   In addition, you'll get some valuable information and suggestions on how to get started with AI.
Who is this presentation for?  
Targeted at individual contributors and managers in the AI data science areas.   
Prerequisite knowledge:  
Data science, data analytics, marketing analytics, BI backgrounds would be useful
What you'll learn?  
what is AI, Why it's important,  Popular AI Use Cases & examples, how to get started with AI project



Mr. Sieck is a technology executive and entrepreneur who has been involved with AI solutions starting early on with AI for Optical Character Recognition, to Computer Aided Design; and most recently for use in Predictive Analytics Use Cases across a number of verticals including Retail, CPG, FinTech, Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and others.

He is currently Director – Risk and Governance | AI | Machine Learning solutions for Orion Governance that offers a disruptive new Data Governance enterprise software solution focused on technical lineage; for the first time allowing banks, insurers, retailers and other large enterprises to confidently ensure compliance with numerous regulations such as GDPR, BCBS-239, SOX, HIPAA, CCAR, Solvency II. It provides the clear, accurate visibility into corporate data drastically reducing operational risk.

Prior to Orion Governance, he was Director for Digital | Marketing Analytics helping major F500 companies increase revenues and cut costs through the development and implementation of their Digital Transformation Strategies.

He was Director of Advanced Analytics for Hitachi and brought to market Hitachi’s first SaaS Solution platform that was an AI based solution called Live Insights for IT Operations that help give IT operations a 360-degree globalview of their data center operations.

Prior to Hitachi, he was involved with a number of early stage VC financed technology companies as well as numerous turn-around entities that had successful exits.

He is an active member of the MIT Community and services on the MIT Venture Mentoring Services organization.