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How AI is Disrupting the Workplace


Excitement and concern around the ramifications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace is pervasive, with significant transformation expected across all industries. However, the pace and form of the impact of AI on jobs is uncertain and a topic of keen interest for everyone from employees to managers and C-level executives This session will provide a framework for predicting how AI will impact the workplace, including why AI will cause some jobs to be disrupted, others to change, and new jobs to be created. By examining AI’s capabilities to model human decision making, the presentation will detail how workers’ occupations and activities will be changed, commoditized, or assisted by the augmented machine intelligence of AI. In addition to conceptual models, the session will provide real-world examples of AI deployment by enterprises. The talk will show how and where machine intelligence can handle some or all of some workers’ activities today or in the near future, while more complex decisions and job functions may be assisted by AI but will continue to require human intelligence and involvement for some time to come.

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Ken Lazarus is CEO of Scout Exchange, an AI driven platform for marketplace recruiting. Scout connects employer job openings with expert specialty search providers to hire great talent faster and more efficiently. Lazarus has been a co-founder, CEO, director and advisor for more than a dozen innovative, technology-based companies during his 25-year career. He is passionate about the power of data and disruptive technologies such as artificial Intelligence to help companies to achieve breakthrough efficiencies, cost savings, and bottom-line business results. Lazarus has spoken often on AI in the workplace, including at meetings such as the MIT AI conference as well as for news outlets such ABC News and The Wall Street Journal. He holds a Ph.D. from MIT and a B.S. from Duke University. Lazarus, who is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, has served as an MIT Visiting Committee Member, and holds over 20 patents.