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Ethical dilemmas of AI/Big Data


By comparing today’s big data / AI reality with a classic thought experiment from the history of philosophy, we will define and elaborate the basic ethical dilemma underlying recent advances in big data / AI, especially in the area of consumer satisfactions. The presentation will be accessible, and also engaging through the use of provocative scenarios, and the investigation of curious paradoxes.

Who is this presentation for?
The presentation will be attractive for anyone interested in the human experience of big data technologies, as well as the ethical dilemmas they are creating.

Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
In the increasingly important field AI / Big Data ethics, you will learn about contemporary privacy, freedom, and how they interact with the conveniences and pleasures offered by big data / AI.


James Brusseau (PhD, Philosophy) is author of books, articles, and media in the history of philosophy and ethics. He has taught in Europe, Mexico, and currently at Pace University near his home in New York City. As Director of AI Ethics Site, a research institute currently incubating at Pace University, he explores the human experience of artificial intelligence in the areas of privacy, autonomy, and authenticity, and as applied to finance, healthcare and media. Current applied ethics project is AI Human Impact: AI-intensive companies rated in human and ethical terms for investment purposes.