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It's not really AI - lessons learned while implementing enterprise NLP and ML for major financial services brands.


The collection of technologies, capabilities, data, and math that create an AI platform are incredibly powerful tools, and increasingly are table stakes for any organization with a digital presence. Frequently, leading brands make a critical mistake when considering how to use these powerful tools - they neglect to build with the human at the center. At best, this leads to disjointed, frustrating experiences. At worst, irrevocable damage can be done to a brand's reputation and product stack. The solution is simple on the surface, but nuanced in execution; be thoughtful about the tools, how they are applied, and rely on your customers to guide you. In this talk, Evan will share his practical experience as a technologist and designer who has envisioned and implemented AI (predictive analytics and natural language processing) for major financial services brands. Attendees will learn about what AI actually is, and why users must be at the center of design, planning, as well as execution. By sharing lessons learned through customer research, and practical tips in planning and building, Evan will teach how to build human-centric AI experiences.
Who is this presentation for?
product owners, strategists, and designers
Prerequisite knowledge:
introductory course, no prior knowledge required
What you'll learn?
How some of the math behind AI works, lessons learned in deployment, and where we're going next. The presentation includes a rich bibliography for further reading.


Since the late ‘90s, Evan has been designing and building at the emerging edge of customer experiences across product, marketing, and physical touchpoint. An avid technophile, he is fascinated by the interplay of business need, technology capability, and consumer behavior. Evan is recognized in his organization and beyond as a big thinker with pragmatic, results driven roots. Currently, Evan is helping multiple clients in financial services, retail, and beyond to transform their customer experience by building actionable, forward looking digital strategies that provide a North Star while tying into current backlogs. Prior to this, Evan was a VP at Fidelity Investments, where he oversaw creative for Fidelity’s Mobile App, and acted as lead digital strategist on their AI and Health Insurance initiatives. Evan is a well known writer and speaker, including such high profile venues as Forbes Magazine, the Mobile World Congress, and Ad:Tech. When Evan isn’t at work or obsessively reading about all of the amazing things going on in our field, he is probably outside climbing or inside cooking.