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Empowering Your Organization Through Data Literacy: What it is data literacy, why I want it, and how I can help drive change?


Data is the language of business now but there is a data literacy gap. If you are a data leader, data scientist, or data analyst then lack of data literacy results in friction, frustration, and delay. If you are a business leader or technology leader then your team's data literacy is a must for your team to be effective. Come learn what data literacy is, why you want it, and how you can act to help achieve it.
Who is this presentation for?
This presentation is for business and data leaders that are looking to move their organizations more towards a data-informed organization.
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
What is data literacy? Why data literacy is important to their organization? How leaders can help drive data literacy adoption?


Dave combines his passions around data, experience, and community to make impact. Founder of Beyond the Data, co-host of Data Able podcast, and helps lead MinneAnalytics and TC Data Viz Group.