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Creating value with AI: Building and managing data science teams for maximum business impact


We live in an era in which data is unquestionably the new currency. All sectors of the industry and disciplines in academia are searching for creative ideas to leverage the ever expanding information space. As is with any new trend, we see some justified skepticism as well as a lot of opportunistic hype around AI. There is no generic rule how to structure the business operations in tandem with Data Science & Analytics efforts for success. We already see a small number of companies making smart choices that is revolutionizing how they wield information. Creating value with AI is often not only related to creating fancier algorithms. Choosing the right data science & analytics leader has proven to be critical for success. I will talk about what I’ve learned over two decades from successes and failures about how to build and manage data science teams that will lead to maximum business impact.
Who is this presentation for?
Anybody interested in data science and analytics. C-suite and decision makers will particularly find it useful.
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
I'll share my perspective on building and managing data science operations (both for small and large companies) based on 10+ yrs of experience.


Dr. Bülent Kiziltan is a scientist and hands-on data science & analytics leader who uses artificial intelligence to tackle diverse problems in a wide range of disciplines including healthcare, pharma, insurance, astrophysics, finance, engineering, and art. He is the co-founder of 3 stealth startups and acts as an executive advisor to VCs. In the past 15+ years he has led data driven efforts to create value in the multiple domains. He worked at Harvard, MIT, and NASA in close collaboration with pioneers of their respective fields. He is a sought after advisor to Fortune 500.