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Java 8 in the highly distributed world


Java 8 is finally here. Lambda expressions and Streams API has empowered Java in areas that are of great relevance to the world of Big Data, exposing an expressive set of language features to operate over complex data structures, making the transformation and analysis of data more convenient, scalable and efficient. In this hands-on session, we will demonstrate how Streams in conjunctions with lambdas can provide a unified programming model to construct complex data processing workflows while at the same time provide deployment flexibility to: a) choose the target execution system, b) allow multiple sub-components of a workflow to be executed on different systems(hybrid execution environments), c) port existing workflows to new systems.


Oleg is a Principal Architect with Hortonworks responsible for architecting scalable BigData solutions using various OpenSource technologies available within and outside the Hadoop ecosystem. Before Hortonworls Oleg was part of the SpringSource/VMWare where he was a core engineer working on Spring Integration framework, leading Spring Integration Scala DSL. He has 18+ years of experience in software engineering across multiple disciplines including software architecture and design, consulting, business analysis and application development. As a speaker Oleg presented seminars at dozens of conferences worldwide (i.e. Hadoop Summit, SpringOne, JavaOne, JavaZone, Scala Days, Oredev etc.).