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Data Science and Data Privacy in the Workplace


BIg data and analytics are moving into the enterprise, promising huge competitive advantage to companies that are able to leverage both to create value. How can companies develop workplace analytics (on utilzation, collaboration and productivity) without compromising employee privacy and hence trust?


Michael is CEO and co-founder of Rifiniti, Inc., where he is responsible for setting strategic priorities and leads the company’s business development and partner initiatives. Michael has over 25 years of experience working with senior executives at dozens of Fortune 500 companies across multiple sectors. His clients include Allsteel, Biogen Idec, Boston Scientific, BNY Mellon, Brown-Forman, Capital One, Chubb, Cisco, EMC, Exxon Mobil, Gillette, Lenovo, Levi’s, Nationwide, Oracle, SAP, Praxair, PPG Industries and TimeWarner. Michael has also worked on large infrastructure and design projects in the US and France, and for over five years was a system analyst for engineering and technical software in South Africa. He was also a co-founder of Sustainability Practice Network (SPN), a non-profit based in New York City. Michael received his Architecte DPLG from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville. He also holds a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Cape Town.