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Using Domain Expertise to Shed Light on Unstructured Data


Data science allows us to turn a dark forest into a world of perpetual twilight by giving us the tools to better understand the data that surrounds us. Unfortunately, in this world of twilight we still need a flashlight to get a clean crisp image of our immediate surroundings. We will talk about how to use deep domain expertise as that flashlight shedding light on our understanding of data. Our focus will be on using text analysis as a means to examine qualitative information in a structured, quantitative way. We will draw heavily from examples in complex central bank policy and financial regulation.


Evan is the founder and CEO of Prattle, a text analytics company. Prattle's core product combines deep domain expertise and cutting edge text analysis techniques to develop the first ever quantitative central bank watching data. Evan has a PhD from Harvard University and is widely published in finance, macroeconomics and political economy.