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Introduction to Querying Hadoop with Hive


Hadoop is one of the most important open source libraries in Big Data today. In this talk we'll go over the basics of Hadoop and how to leverage its distributed file system and map/reduce engine. We'll also go over Hive and how it lets us use SQL to query our Hadoop data.


Louis Salin has been a software developer for more than 12 years. He spends the majority of his time rambling about the good ol' days and tries to find meaning in this age of chaos by focusing on software design and structure. His first experiences were developing desktop applications on Windows using C++. Then it was desktop applications using .Net and C#. After that, Louis grudgingly accepted that the web was the future and started working on web applications using Ruby and Rails and even building APIs in Haskell. Louis now works at SparkCognition, a company based in Austin, TX that heavily leans on machine learning and data science to solve hard problems. His current projects involve building the infrastructure needed to support big data projects and creating libraries to make life easier for data scientists around him.