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The Indispensable Enabler: Cyber Security for IoT


The broad range of assets in use by industry drive the need for a scalable, automated system for monitoring and prediction. Human-oriented data science approaches take too much time, rely on hard-to-find talent and require custom model building for each type of asset. In many instances, the problem is further compounded because large differences in operating conditions, maintenance schedules and load patterns can drive model proliferation; the need for different models for the same type of asset. With fifty billion connected devices expected to be online by 2020, the continuing militarization of computer security, Cloud computing shifts and Mobile access enablement, security is more critical and complicated now than ever before. Yet, existing approaches such as signature-based detection, whitelists and blacklists and SIEM (Security information and event management) systems only address part of the problem. Many threats still escape detection, often despite the fact that they’ve left behind a pattern that is waiting to be found. The most innovative solutions will be Cognitive, data-driven Analytics platform for Clouds, Devices and the Internet of Things industrial and security market that deliver out of-band, symptom-sensitive analytics, insights, and security.


Keith Moore is a product manager at Austin's A-List startup SparkCognition and the co-founder of the weekly fantasy sports startup In his role as Product Manager, Keith owns the data science development on prognostics, prediction, and cyber security projects for Fortune 100 companies in the Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Mil-Aero, Test & Measurement, Retail, and Finance industries. An experienced technical product manager with both hardware and software experience, Keith was previously a solutions developer and seed-funding small business evangelist. Keith is passionate about the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Data Science, Cyber Security, and bringing better technology to the world. At SparkCognition, Keith works with a dedicated team of developers and data scientists to create world changing algorithms and apply them to the fields of asset monitoring, financial modeling, and cyber security.