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Predictive Analytics with R & Python workshop


I would be conducting a hands-on session on Predictive Analytics. I would be touching some common use-cases in Machine Learning, using R & Anaconda Python. I would also give a brief hands-on introduction to our Oxford-AI API, Cortana Analytics suite & Power BI and show how these tools makes the life of a Data Scientist easy.
I would be sharing my code via Github. Please follow the README document for instructions.
For Cortana Analytics suite hands-on, please go to this link ( & try to sign-up for an 8-hour trial session.

P.S: Please do it just before my talk, otherwise the trial will be over before you try the hands on code!


Anusua Trivedi is a Data Scientist at Microsoft’s Cloud AI Platform Team. She works on developing advanced Deep Learning models & AI solutions. She’s an advanced trainer and conducts hands-on deep learning labs. Prior to joining Microsoft, Anusua has held positions with UT Austin and University of Utah. Anusua is a frequent speaker at machine learning and AI conferences.