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Using Unstructured Data To Identify Risk and Predict Events


As we generate more and more data everyday much of that is unstructured namely text, images, video and audio. On the contrary much of the analytics and reporting is based upon structured data (Relational Databases, Spreadsheets). Unstructured data can be a valuable asset in predicting adverse events and in root cause analysis. In this session we will talk about the ways in which unstructured data can be leveraged by looking at specific use cases in the Trucking Industry.


Ramprasad Renganathan is a Data/Predictive Modeler at Omnitracs - a pioneer of innovative software and SaaS fleet management solutions serving the transportation industry. Ram develops analytics solutions and predictive models that help long haul trucking companies make critical business decisions. Ram has over 10 years experience in software engineering and has been building data solutions for the last 5 years. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering from MK University in India and Master’s Degree in IT from the University of Sydney in Australia.