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Text Analytics: A Primer


In this presentation, I will cover: • How the terms Data Mining, Machine Learning, Text Analytics and NLP are related. • How typical problems solved using Text Analytics. • Why some text analytics problems are harder than the others.


Dr. Rajkumar Bondugula joined Equifax as Principal Data Scientist in September 2015 and leads Data Science and Machine Learning initiatives for the D&A Innovation Team. He joined Equifax from a social relationship platform start-up, as Head/Director of Data Science, where he developed a “Social Analytics Framework” to guide brands in streamlining their social efforts and provide them with the ability to measure their social impact in near-real time. He moved to Atlanta to establish the Data Science practice at Home Depot, by building big data infrastructure and leading a team to work on product recommendation, optimal product sorting and many complex algorithms. Dr. Bondugula also worked in E-commerce at Sears Holdings Corporation, where he led multiple projects to improve customer experience, web-intelligence applications to drive business growth etc. He started his career as a bioinformatics scientist with DoD at Fort Detrick, building a distributed computing pipeline to predict protein structures to aid in vaccine and bio-remediation agent design. Dr. Bondugula has earned a Master of Science and a PhD. from University of Missouri-Columbia, both in Computer Science with specialization in Machine Learning. In addition, he is an expert in Distributed Computing and Natural Language Processing. He has co-authored twenty peer-reviewed scientific publications, a book titled “Application of Fuzzy Logic In Bioinformatics”, and his work has been cited more than 200 times.