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Spark, SparkML/SparkMLIB


Machine learning with Spark


My interests are applying big data technologies to help improve the entire product life cycle of a data-science based product. I have worked as a Software Engineer for a small Digital Marketing start-up, based in Atlanta called BrightWhistle. At BrightWhistle, I focused on the statistical based applications for our Web App. I was the 20th employee at BrightWhistle, and the work that my engineering team and I developed, helped our small start-up get Acquired by Influence Health, where I am currently employed as a Data Analytics Engineer (Data Engineer). I use the coolest and latest big data technologies, such as Spark-Scala, SparkR, and Cassandra, and I am constantly looking for new technologies to improve our model building process. I am big advocate of open source technology, and I believe that using open source technology gives the engineer more control in the product life cycle.