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With more than 31 years of counterintelligence and security experience, as a retired Counterintelligence Special Agent and US Army Warrant Officer, Tony Rucci recently followed his dream and as started his own company, /Root Technology, LLC. With a Core Emphasis on Secure Networking, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Data Center Planning, Design, and Efficiencies, /Root Technology has exceeded all our expectations of what can and will be our future. After only 13 months, Ghost Systems made a move to acquire /Root Technology and as a result, Mr. Rucci is also the Chief Security Officer @ Ghost Systems spearheading all aspects of global data center design and commissioning, core technologies development and security for a game changing, patented technology destined to change our future technological dependencies and security. Prior to founding /Root, Tony served as the Director of Data Center Services (DCS) for NJVC, LLC. Mr. Rucci was responsible for all aspects of NJVC’s data center services throughout their corporate environment, as well as NJVC’s worldwide mission supporting the DoD, U.S. Intelligence Community, as well as CIP. Prior to NJVC, Mr. Rucci was an Intelligence Programs Manager at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee where he spearheaded the design and technical accreditation of the MultiProgram Research Facility (MRF) then served as the Director of Cyber Initiatives reaching into to the U.S. Intelligence Community developing programs for the Global Security Directorate. Prior to ORNL, Mr. Rucci retired after 21 years as a United States Army Counterintelligence (CI) Warrant Officer / Special Agent, having served in a variety of leadership positions and conducted numerous security and espionage investigations to protect our national interests, culminating with his final assignment as the Counterintelligence Operations Officer for the Director of Security, White House Military Office. During the attacks of 11 September 2001, Mr. Rucci and the Director of Security quickly executed an evacuation and relocation plan for Principals still in the residence. Mr. Rucci relocated with the First Lady where he served as the military support officer providing critical assistance in establishing contact between the President and the First Lady, ensuring her safety until she was able to return to the White House later that evening. Mr. Rucci was the lead counterintelligence officer on over 70 Presidential visits to 94 foreign countries. During these trips, he performed diverse tasks to ensure the White House Military Office mission was successfully performed, provided force protection measures to ensure the security of military forces, provided critical intelligence to the Military Aide to the President and the United States Secret Service, which affected the President of the United States. Mr. Rucci accomplished this by fusing disparate information from national intelligence agencies, host country law enforcement agencies, and Department of State personnel into a coherent, succinct threat picture. Mr. Rucci retired from the U.S. Army and left the White House in December 2004 but continues to serve the intelligence community and national security efforts in his current capacities with /Root Technology and Ghost Systems in Reno, NV. Mr. Rucci speaks regularly at government and security industry events on such topics as Critical Infrastructure Protection, Spear Phishing, Social Networking and Insider Threats while serving on multiple Security Advisory Boards, and is a Standing Fellow to the National CyberSecurity Institute in Washington, D.C. Mr. Rucci and his wife Pam are “Proud Empty Nesters” and reside in sunny Reno, Nevada. They have one adult son, Antonio II. @InsiderThreats.