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Graph Databases: Hands-on Intro to Neo4j and a relationship-first data approach


This workshop will introduce the participants to Neo4j, an ACID-compliant transactional datastore which prioritizes data relationships. We'll demonstrate how data is modeled as a Property Graph and why data often stored in a RDBMS can be more intuitively represented as a Graph. Participants will learn to query relationship patterns using the Cypher query language and call Java Stored Procedures for data integration and graph analytics. The exercises will be performed directly in the Neo4j Browser. Participants will need to bring their own laptops and install Neo4j Community Edition in advance in order to complete the exercises.


Ryan is a San Francisco-based software engineer focused on helping developers understand the power of graph databases. Previously he was a product manager for architectural software, built applications and web hosting environments for higher education, and worked in developer relations for twenty products during his 8 years at Google. He is the author of Getting Started with OAuth 2, published by O'Reilly. He enjoys cycling, sailing, skydiving, and many other adventures when not in front of his computer.