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Bringing Machine Learning to Every Corner of Your Business


Have you noticed how applications seem to get smarter? Apps make recommendations based on past purchases; you get an alert from your bank when they suspect a fraudulent transaction; and you receive emails from your favorite store when items related to things you typically buy are on sale. These examples of application intelligence use a technology called Machine Learning. Machine Learning uses algorithms to detect patterns in old data and build models that can be used to make predictions from new data. Understanding the algorithms behind Machine Learning is difficult and running the infrastructure needed to build accurate models and use these models at scale is very challenging. At Uber we have built a Machine Learning service that easily allows our teams to embed intelligence into their applications that can perform important functions such as ETA, fraud detection, churn prediction, forecasting demand, and much more.


Dr. Danny B. Lange is Head of Machine Learning at Uber where he leads an effort to build the world’s most versatile Machine Learning platform to support Uber’s rapid growth. With the help of this branch of Artificial Intelligence including Deep Learning, Uber can provide an even better service to its customers. Previously, Danny was the General Manager of Amazon Machine Learning - an AWS product that offers Machine Learning as a Service. Prior to Amazon, Danny was Principal Development Manager at Microsoft where he was leading a product team focused on large-scale Machine Learning for Big Data. Danny has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Technical University of Denmark.