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Data Science: The Walmart Way


Walmart's success story is known to us all. World's largest retailer, largest private employer, largest revenue generating Fortune 1 company etc are the ways most people know Walmart. However, few people know that the Walmart story is a Data Science story. For over 50 years, since before the words Data Science and Big Data were coined, Walmart has been innovating in this space. They are more than early adopters and innovators. From 1 store in 1962 to about 11500 stores in 2015, they have lead a silent revolution in the retail space which has fundamentally changed the way we shop. It is a living Big Data legend, and there is a lot to learn from this.


Ashutosh Gupta is Principal Data Scientist at Walmart Labs. He holds a physics PhD from University of Maryland, College Park, and has a decade of Data Science research experience in the industry as well as the academia. Before joining Wal-Mart Ashutosh was working as a Data Science consultant and has worked with clients in Healthcare Insurance, Retail, Semiconductor and Finance. His continuing academic work at the NCI-NIH has been focused on cancer research and genetics. Ashutosh's research work has been published in reputed journals like Nature and Science.