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Sensor overload! Taming the Raging Manufacturing Big Data Torrent


Hi-Tech manufacturers produce more data than most types of businesses from a huge array of sensor and embedded diagnostic equipment on highly automated production lines. A hard disk drive contains hundreds of highly engineered components and the entire manufacturing process can take over six months developing the Silicon Wafers, Heads, Arms, Platters, Motors and Logic Circuits with embedded CPUs and then testing the fully assembled drives. A vast swath of advanced technologies is used within the manufacturing process from Photolithography to Aerodynamics and Electromagnetics to Lasers, to name a few. Imagine the countless streams of Big Data emanating from all these factories producing hundreds of thousands of drives per day. In this session, we will discuss how this data is collected and transported into an Enterprise Hadoop cluster ready to be used by Data Scientists and Analysts to improve product designs, manufacturing processes and help reduce cost. You will also learn what are the essential ingredients of a successful Big Data, Hadoop and Data Science ecosystem. What technologies and approaches should you adopt and which to avoid? Throughout this session we will guide you on how to architect a successful big data platform to run vast and varied data science experiments and turn them into high value business applications that offer the automation, reliability, stability and performance you will need beyond your first few experimental Big Data use cases.


Nick is currently Director of Enterprise Analytics at Seagate and is responsible for Seagate’s EDW, Big Data, Global BI and Advanced Analytics systems and architecture and agile development teams. Nick has extensive experience in IT leadership, Data warehousing, BI and Analytics solutions, International Banking and Brokerage systems and most recently launched a Big Data Hadoop and Data Sciences initiative at Seagate. Nick has held several IT leadership roles both in the US and internationally as CIO at The Fidelity Group of Companies in Nassau, The Bahamas, Director and Head of IT Europe at Gartner overseeing IT in 16 countries and a number of international consultancy postings including several years with The World Bank.