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The Role of CAO: A Practitioner’s Perspective


Analytics has evolved. So have the titles of analytics professionals and conferences on analytics. The role of Chief Analytics Officer has, in recent years, emerged among those new additions to the C-suite across industries. What does a CAO typically do? What are the driving forces that have given rise to this functional responsibility? This presentation addresses the interplay between the demand for and the supply of enterprise analytics, which has ultimately ushered in the CAO. The session will further examine the factors for the CAO to be effective at this role with elevated organizational stature. Some delineation between CDO and CAO will also be discussed.


A senior analytics executive in the Financial Services industry, Mr. Zhang provides thought leadership on and serves as chief architect for the development of innovative analytic solutions to business challenges. At New York Community Bancorp, Mr. Zhang is responsible for enterprise-wide business analytics, providing operational and strategic decision support to such areas as retail deposit management, customer acquisition and retention, product cross-selling, deposit pricing and product development, liquidity management, product and branch profitability, and process optimization. His background includes academic publishing, analytics conference speaking, and industry case study featuring.