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Streaming Analytics for Cyber Security


Cyber criminals are in your organization. Learn how to leverage Big Data tools, streaming analytics, and behavioral analytics to thwart the Cyber Criminal. Detailed transaction profiling of entities within and outside the network combined with Storm are used to detect unusual user and network behavior with self-learning analytic models. Today Cyber Security concerns everyone, and organizations are struggling to protect their organizations with various disparate tools. Signature based methods are ineffective to sophisticated attacks and there is a need for smarter systems - analytic systems. Learn in this talk how more than two decades of fraud analytic technology that currently protects 2/3 of the world’s credit/debit cards is being recast onto STORM and other streaming big data tool sets to bring behavioral analytics and self-aware learning models to the battle against cybercrime.


Scott Zoldi is Chief Analytics Officer at FICO responsible for the analytic development of FICO’s product and technology solutions, including the FICO™ Falcon® Fraud Manager product which protects about two thirds of the world’s payment card transactions from fraud. While at FICO, Scott has been responsible for authoring 70 analytic patents with 36 patents granted and 34 in process. Scott is actively involved in the development of new analytic products and Big Data analytics applications, many of which leverage new streaming analytic innovations such as adaptive analytics, collaborative profiling, and self-learning models. Scott is most recently focused on the applications of streaming self-learning analytics for real-time detection of Cyber Security attack. Scott serves on two boards of directors including Software San Diego and Cyber Center of Excellence. Scott received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Duke University.