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Focusing on Time-To-Value in Big Data Deployments


Enterprises working to take advantage of Big Data technologies frequently become distracted by product- level decisions: What hardware, which distribution, who will build and run the environment? In most new Big-Data builds, this approach is counter-productive: It presupposes tools that may not be a fit for development teams; it forces IT to take on the burden of evaluating and maintaining a new and unfamiliar technology; and, most importantly, it represents an up-front expense that requires new “Big Data” initiatives to show value from a position of up-front capital and operational debt. In this session, Andrew Warfield will discuss how to enhance time-to-value in Big Data deployments.


Andy Warfield is an established researcher in computer systems, specializing in storage, virtualization, and security. At Coho Data, he leads the technology vision and directs the engineering team in building elegant and functional systems that enable customers to focus on the data and applications instead of the underlying infrastructure that drives them. As a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, he was one of the original authors of the Xen hypervisor and has since done award-winning research in virtualization and high availability. At XenSource and Citrix Systems, he was the Technical Director for Storage & Emerging Technologies.