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Autonomous analytics on streaming data at scale


Live demo of building a streaming pipeline enabling interactive scientific exploration/discovery and advanced analytics on streams of data from various data sources (oil/water pumps with the purpose of detecting and forecasting failure or predicting port destinations for oil ships) ... using a high level domain specific language published by our analytics platform. We’ll share the lessons learned from deploying and operating such a pipeline at scale, including metrics that we collected which allowed us to leverage the full potential of the technology stack (Spark Streaming, MlLib, SQL, Kafka, Cassandra, VW, akka).


Claudiu is Director of Engineering at Blueprint Technologies, he oversees Product Engineering where he builds large scale advanced analytics pipelines, IoT and Data Science applications for customers in oil & gas, energy and retail industries. Formerly VP of Engineering at, automating data science at scale and Sr. Dir. of Eng, xPatterns Platform Services at Atigeo, building several advanced analytics platforms and applications in healthcare and financial industries, Claudiu is a hands on architect, dev manager and executive with 20+ years of experience in Open Source, Big Data Science and Microsoft technology stacks, frequent speaker at data conferences.