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Analytic Solutions for Volatility and Variability of Biomedical Data


Building agile healthcare and regulatory decision-making capacities upon increasing amounts of data is revolutionizing healthcare delivery at the individual and population levels. Furthermore, by tapping into the patient/consumer experience, we and others, have increasing opportunities to turn the diversity of existing datasets into a competitive advantage. Strong regulatory interest exists for streamlining clinical trials by including predictive modeling, simulation and data analytic strategies. Here, we will discuss methods we have employed to overcome shortcomings in our abilities to qualify the outputs of predictive analytics, gain access into untapped sources of existing actionable data and facilitate the structuring/incentivizing of data sharing.


Todd Townsend is an experienced regulatory scientist and pharmacologist with over a decade of direct experience as an academic biomedical researcher, clinical researcher and consultant in the fields of epigenetics, cardiology, immunology, inflammation, oncology and bioinformatics. Todd is currently a Commissioner’s Fellow with the U.S. FDA, where his recent work involves bridging existing resources and developing new technologies to streamline and accelerate numerous aspects of clinical development and safety hazard assessment pipelines. Todd also advises on best practices for delivering positive health outcomes to patients; aligning payer, industry and regulatory business and data-sharing initiatives via novel strategies and patient-centric policies.