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Unlock the Power of Your Data


The impact of Big Data is well beyond business and is extending to politics, public health, advertising, science, and sports. Today, data is just more available – from stats your shopper card is generating to stuff your tennis racket tells you to the detail your network can reveal today. Unfortunately, we are unable to make complete sense of it and truly leverage it. As yet. But, if we could, how would we really profit in this data economy – as as consumer? As an entrepreneur? As a data aficionado? Join this session to gain an inside view on how your network can help you in your quest of gleaning more insights out of your data


Anand Oswal serves as Senior Vice President, Enterprise Networking Group. 

Anand leads a global team of engineers that are responsible for building the complete set of platforms and solutions for the Cisco Enterprise Networking portfolio. The portfolio spans enterprise products across routing, access switching, IOT connectivity, wireless and network/cloud services deployed at customers worldwide.

Anand is a dynamic leader, building strong, diverse and motivated teams that continually excel through a relentless focus on execution. He holds over 50 US patents and is laser focused on innovation and inspiring his team to build awesome products and solutions.