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Esteban D. Arcaute was born in Mexico City, and earned a Ph.D. and a M.S. from Stanford University in Computational and Mathematical Engineering. He also holds two other masters, one in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Supeléc (France) and one in Applied Mathematics from the Université de Metz (France). He is currently the Sr. Director and Head of Data Science, Category Development, at @WalmartLabs. Prior to that, he was at Adchemy Inc. (acquired by @WalmartLabs) where he held several positions, from Research Scientist, to Sr. Director and Head of Research. Esteban has been actively working on the foundations of electronic commerce since 2005, first as an academic researcher, publishing over 10 peer reviewed publications with over 15 researchers; then as an industrial researcher and thought leader. His current interests span from learning and control systems with a human in the loop, to advanced analytics and experimentation.