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Text & Predictive Analytics with Machine & Deep Learning: Workshop


The proliferation of social media (networks, blogs, e-commerce) has led to an explosion of data and opinion, fueling interest in sentiment and social network analyses, especially as individuals, brands and corporations look to manage their reputations and keep up with business intelligence. In order to effectively distill valuable kernels of information from big data and deduce broader conclusions (sentiment), multiple techniques are necessary to employ. This talk delves into these techniques and how they interrelate to produce accurate and actionable outcomes. You will be taken beyond simple term analysis into the complex world of natural language processing, contextual search, machine learning, text summarization, topic extraction and information structuring (triples extraction). You should be comfortable with (and/or seriously interested in) analytical tables, language parsing, probability formulas and algorithms, term-document matrices, XML, Ontology Web Language, Logic Axioms, and Hadoop/MapReduce paradigms. There will be plenty of examples and case studies presented to show application of techniques and methods, including a sentiment analysis of large textual data sets from Twitter, and


Dr. Subrata Das is a world-renowned expert in the fields of business analytics, data fusion, artificial intelligence and machine learning. He is currnetly the president of Machine Analytics in Cambridge, MA., the former chief scientist at Charles River Analytics, head of the Xerox European Research Center's Document Content Lab, and one of five members of Xerox Corporation's Knowldege Work 2020 task force, exploring the future of work. Subrata has worked with many organizations, consulting firms, and educational institutions around the world. He has spoken on analytics and fusion at numerous academic institutions and professional events, including seminars at Big Data TECHCON, Boston College, University of London, Big Data Symposium (Washington, DC), International Conference on Information Fusion (Salamanca, Spain) and La Maison des Polytechniciens (Paris, France). Subrata is the author of several books, the latest of which is "Computational Business Analytics." He was awarded a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, a Master's in Mathematics from the University of Kolkata, a Masters of Technology from the Indian Statistical Institute, and carried out a postdoc study at the Imperial College, University of London. In his spare time, Subrata enjoys writing and directing theatrical plays. He is the father of two grown children and lives in Belmont, MA with his wife Janique.