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Merlin: The ultimate data science computing environment


Merlin is a virtual computing environment developed by data scientists for data scientists. Merlin is free and open source, and contains a suite of all the best open source data science tools including data visualization tools, programming languages, big data tools, databases, notebooks, IDEs, and much more. The goal of Merlin is to allow data scientists to do data science work, not sysadmin.


Charles Givre is an unapologetic data geek who is passionate about helping others learn about data science and become passionate about it themselves. He has worked at Booz Allen Hamilton for the last five years as a data scientist for various government clients—and done some really neat data science work along the way, which hopefully saves U.S. taxpayers some money. Most of his work has been in developing meaningful metrics to assess how well the workforce is performing. For the last two years, Charles has been part of the management team for one of the company’s largest analytic contracts. His responsibility has been to increase the amount of data science on the contract, both in terms of tasks and people. Even more than the data science work, he loves learning about new technologies and techniques, and then teaching them. Charles has been instrumental in bringing Python scripting to his government clients, as well as to the analytic workforce. He has developed a 40-hour Introduction to Analytic Scripting class for that purpose. Additionally, he’s developed and taught a 60-hour Fundamentals of Data Science class, which helps to put analysts on the data on-ramp. He’s taught the class to Booz Allen staff, government civilians, and U.S. military personnel around the world. Charles has a master’s degree from Brandeis University, two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Arizona, and various IT security certifications. In his nonexistent spare time, he plays trombone, spends time with his family, and works on restoring British sports cars.