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Hybrid Artificial Intelligence


The past year has seen a wave of new “AI” based services: ClaraLabs and use AI schedule your meetings, Pana books your travels, Facebook’s M is your new personal assistant. While AI technology has advanced tremendously, the real breakthrough of these services is a conceptual one: they use AI to augment human intelligence, not replace it. These half-human, half-machine hybrids perform tasks with super-human accuracy at a fraction of the price of human workers. This marks the first time in history where human interaction becomes truly scalable, opening up the possibilities for completely new business models in all sectors that involve a lot of customer interaction. This talk will explore how hybrid AIs work, why they will change how business operate and create entirely new markets, how they can applied in existing business an industries, and what we can expect from hybrid artificial intelligence in the years to come.


Manuel Ebert is the founder of, a Data Science and Machine Intelligence consulting firm. His firm helps companies leverage their data and integrate Machine Learning into their business logic. As a former neuroscientist, he has always been equally interested in natural and artificial intelligence.